St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College, having a Christian foundation, is a Religious Minority Educational institution within the meaning of Article 30 of the Constitution of India. Being one of the oldest institutions of the country, it is situated at the heart of Kolkata, just a few minutes’ walk from the hub of academic activities of the city – the College Street. It has been ranked as one of the five best colleges of Kolkata by a leading weekly ‘‘India Today’’.

This College had begun its journey in 1865, under the auspices of Church Missionary Society (CMS). Revd. J. Burton was hailed as the chief founder and the first Principal of the College. It was in July 1908 that the college was shifted to its present address. The University of Calcutta affiliation came in 1914. It was in the same year the college adopted its present name ‘St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College’. The Diocese of Calcutta, under the Church of North India, took the responsibility of the College when the CMS was withdrawn in 1947. The college celebrated its centenary on January 25, 1965. In 2005 the first NAAC inspection took place and the College was accredited with the grade B++. In September 2011 there was a second NAAC Peer team visit. With the change in gradation system –NAAC adopting the straightforward ABCD system – the College was now placed in category B (Score 2.71).

The College strikes a healthy balance of formal and informal interaction amongst faculty, students and non-teaching employees so as to create an ideal environment of study. Separate departmental staffroom, libraries and classroom facilities are provided to students studying Honours subjects. Students participate in ‘Departmental Seminar’ with great interest. The college not only boasts of academic excellence and cordial teacher-student relationship, but also has a splendid eco-friendly campus and quiet surroundings. It is well-equipped with computer facilities along with internet connectivity and modern amenities like a gymnasium, playground and pavilion to watch regular sports events.

The College is now in an academic crossroad with its 150th birthday passed in January 2015 and with much change in the academic scenario the College is rising ably to the challenges. It is these challenges that make an institution thrive and we look forward to a bright future.

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