History Of Library

The college was founded in 1865 but being then affiliated only up to the F. A. standard of the Calcutta University and operating from a rented house at 25 Sukea Street it could hardly boast of any worthwhile library. Even before the rudiments of a modern library could be laid after moving to its own premises at 22 Mirzapore Street, the college had to be closed down. It was only when the college moved to its present spacious premises in 1908 after its resurrection in 1899 under the name Church Missionary Society’s College that the origins of a modern library could be found. But being affiliated to the F. A. standard only the need or the urge to set up a library on modern lines with a wide variety of books and periodicals seemed to be lacking.
The foundations of a modern library could be said to have been laid in 1919 with the gift of a magnificent library hall named the Stephenos Nirmalendu Hall of Learning from Rai G. C. Ghose Bahadur, C. I. E., and a great benefactor of the Calcutta University. From functioning as a mere appendage, the library came to acquire a distinct and important status of its own.
 In 1913, the college obtained affiliation in the principal subjects up to B. A. standard including Honours in English. The present name of the college was adopted in 1914 and soon came to be acknowledged as a first grade Arts College. The affiliation was extended to Honours standard in other subjects at subsequent dates. All these developments resulted in a quantum leap in the demand for library services making it imperative for the library to prepare and gear itself to meet the emerging needs. Thus began a new era in the development of the college library on modern lines.
The library operates on a three-tier basis. The main library is housed in the Stephenous Nirmalendu Hall of Learning where all types of books and periodicals are displayed; it forms the core around which all the activities of the library revolve. We have Seminar Libraries for all departments teaching up to honours  standard. A separate Book Bank caters to the demand for textbooks for long time use.
The main library is housed in the Stephenous Nirmalendu Hall of Learning, which is a two-storied building with a spacious and well laid out reading hall on the first floor. Books on all subjects including reference books, periodicals, and journals are displayed here. Students are allowed to borrow books for home study as well as for study within the library premises.


Library Committee

The administrative set up of the library consists of a librarian, a library assistant, and two general duty attendants. There is a Library Committee consisting of the librarian as coordinator and other teacher members nominated by the Teachers’ Council to oversee and control the activities concerning the library.



Library has undertaken a programme of modernization to make it more user- friendly. Installation of computers is a first step in this regard. We have got quotation for SOUL (2.0 version) software which is designed and developed by the UGC – INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar. It is proposed to offer fully computerized library service. There are 14000 number of books entered into the database of the library till date.
Four Volume “Dewey Decimal Classification” 22nd edition (latest edition) has been procured with an aim at putting updated classification number on the documents for specific classification of the documents on the different micro-subjects.
The College Library is a member of NLIST Programme of the UGC – INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar for the purpose of accessing the electronic resources. Under this programme we have the access to 97000 + Titles of Electronic Books (Full Text Downloadable) and 6000 + Electronic Journals (Full Text Downloadable).


Future plans

Plans are afoot to add a new floor to the two-storied office-cum-administrative building for library use so as to provide improved service. When completed, the seating capacity of the existing reading hall will increase.
Encouraged by the receipt of the Central Grant from the National Archives, we have planned to apply for another grant to the National Mission for Manuscripts for the digital preservation of our 13 volumes of hand written manuscripts.
We have further plans to create a journal section and also to create another separate section with CMS collection named after Revd. James Long .


Contribution of Prof. Nisith Ranjan Roy towards his alma mater

An alumnus, an eminent historian of the 20th century, Prof. Nisith Ranjan Ray got his basic lesson on History from this college and served as a teacher of this institution for more then 20 years up to the year 1968. The library received tremendous boost during his stint in the college as an honorary librarian. He left the college in 1968 and joined the Department of History, Calcutta University. Thereafter he became Secretary & Curator, Victoria Memorial.
After his retirement, he became Director, Institute of Historical Studies, Calcutta; Member, Advisory Committee of W.B Government State Archives, State Archeology and Rabindra Bhavana, Santiniketan; Secretary, Society for the Preservation of Archival Materials and Monuments of Calcutta.
Distinguished teacher and research worker Prof. Ray has a number of works on various aspects of Indian history and widely acclaimed by contemporary historians.
Man of such a stature worked in our library as an Honorary Librarian for more than ten years, while teaching here, is a matter of great pride for all of us. Contribution of such a scholar in management and collection of valuable documents is felt even today in every sphere of the library.