Our Mission

Since its inception in January, 1865 this Institution has a mission true to its motto: I PRESS TOWARDS THE MARK OF EXCELLENCE AND PERSEVERANCE. Each one associated with the college is continuously striving for attaining the motto. In the first annual report of the college Rev Barton, the first Principal of this College, said “We hope that the College will serve as a fresh point of union between the East and West and help us to bridge over that gulf of mutual distrust which a mere secular education tends to widen”. . Like all other educational institutions, following the footsteps of our forefathers, this College in the modern era has been focusing on three basic missions: Teaching, Research and serving the Community. Teaching or learning is the core mission. We educate the students up to the Graduate standard keeping in view of the words of Swami Vivekananda: “EDUCATION IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THE PERFECTION ALREADY IN MAN”. Relentlessly the College puts effort to teach the students to dream before a dream comes true in reality. The College not only seeks to equip its young students for advancing and enriching their career prospects in order to face the competitive job-market, but also intends to build up the moral character of the students by the inculcation of treasured spiritual values so that they can keep a balance between tradition and modernity.